Re: mqtt - tcp client connection - samples

Jorge Ramirez <jorge.ramirez-ortiz@...>

On 12/19/2016 01:38 PM, Jorge Ramirez wrote:

I am looking for some sample code that shows how to connect an mqtt
publisher/subscriber to a broker or gateway.

The MQTT code in lib/iot requires that before the MQTT connect packet
can be sent, the MQTT device needs to have established a TCP
connection to the broker.

However the TCP_connect test code in tests/net/tcp/src/main.c has been
compiled out (last time I asked it was work in progress (scheduled for
December) since the actual stack support was not there yet).

I can see the following cards in JIRA:

* ZEP-613: TCP/UDP client and server mode functionality [in progress]

* ZEP-847: IoT protocol functionality must be moved from samples to
lib/iot [resolved]

A far as I can see lib/iot/mqtt contains the MQTT high level API -
this was delivered a couple of weeks ago;
however there is no MQTT sample code other than the MQTT packet
validation in tests/iot/.

I suppose the MQTT sample code and the actual functionality is still
blocked by ZEP-613?
hi Flavio,

do you know if the MQTT sample code - and the actual functionality to
connect to a broker- is still blocked by ZEP-613?


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