Re: Zephyr with qemu support

Daniel Thompson <daniel.thompson@...>

On 09/01/17 09:00, Siddalingesh Koosalapur wrote:
Hi all,

I am beginner for zephyr project, I want to run zephyr for
cortex-m3/m4 platform. I am not finding the clean steps on how to
configure and what are all needed.

Could you please support/help me on this at the earliest.

I am using QEMU -- QEMU emulator version 2.8.50
(v2.8.0-1-g82ecffa-dirty) and
Assuming you've got ZEPHYR_GCC_VARIANT and ZEPHYR_SDK_INSTALL_DIR set it
should just be:

cd samples/hello_world
make qemu BOARD=qemu_cortex_m3


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