Re: [RFC] HEADS UP: s/net_nbuf/net_pkt and separation from net_buf

Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Tomasz,

Thanks for coming forward with this patchset. I eyeballed first 5-6
patches in the set, and just did a smoke test of applying them one by
one and making sure echo_server works. I understand it's just a smoke
test, but well, at least I can say that I tried your patches ;-).

The patchset starts with a couple of truly massive patches, with first
one,, doing nothing but
symbolic renaming, i.e. doesn't affect binary code. At the same time,
it's really huge, so would be constantly broken due to conflicts with
concurrent changes made. Given that further patches show real benefits
of this refactor, like optimizing layouts to save memory, and some were
already reviewed and OKed by Jukka, it would be nice to discuss plans
on getting these changes landed, starting with the big renaming patch

On Wed, 12 Apr 2017 12:02:54 +0200
Tomasz Bursztyka <> wrote:

As a small notice, I quickly checked on the new tests/net/all app (it
compiles the net stack with
as much as possible of its options).

This patch-set gives a bit more than 1Ko of ROM saved, and about
1.5Ko of RAM saved.
The gain can be more visible if some apps was having bigger data
buffer pools etc...
I think 1.5KB of RAM saved is already a very good result. That's a
whole IPv6 or Ethernet packet more, which may mean extra network
connection more, and as we'd usually count them as single digits
anyway, having an extra one isn't too bad. I'm sure that the patchset
you've been working on will show the real benefits of the native Zephyr
IP stack, so keeping fingers crossed that the landing process will be
smooth and soon we'll be able to benefit from it!


Best Regards,
Paul | Open source software for ARM SoCs
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