Re: Zephyr on STM32F042/072/405 with USB?

Joseph, Jithu

Hi Christer,

We have a bunch of USB device stuff under "subsys/usb/*".

In brief we have support for the following device classes :
CDC ACM - uart over usb
Mass storage

You can exercise them via the samples under :

I am poking around a bit on USB Ethernet related stuff.

Coming onto the lower layer(driver) stuff, currently our only support is for the QuarkC1000 SOC's usb device controller. You can find it under "drivers/usb/device/*". So the USB samples currently run on arduino_101 and quark_se_c1000_devboard board configurations.

The first step for the STM usb stuff would be to implement the device controller driver which expose the
include/usb/usb_device.h API . Once this is done I expect the device class implementations and samples to plug in directly.

We look forward for your contributions .


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Hi all,

I have a bunch of STM32F042/072/405 based boards that I'm currently running
ChibiOS on. I'm thinking about porting Zephyr to these boards and also try
to add support for the USB device in them.

Before I spend a lot of time trying to do this, is anyone else working on
support for those MCUs or on the USB device? It would be kind of silly of
I someone else has already done that and I would duplicate their work.


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