git describe of v1.5.0-3830-gecd209f

Paul Sokolovsky


Current "git describe" for the master gives "v1.5.0-3830-gecd209f". This
is a little bit unfortunate, especially that soon after 1.6.0 it was
like "v1.6.0-27-gb6fb798". I assume there were good thinking on
switching from "tag major releases in the master" to "tag any release
in a branch", so this is just a late notice of when it may matter.

(And indeed, git describe is not the most important command, I myself
never use it, until e.g. there's a need to suffix loads of binaries
from CI and similar, to make it better distinguishable by humans;
v1.6.0-27-gb6fb798 looks much better than v1.5.0-3830-gecd209f in this

Best Regards,
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