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Nashif, Anas

On 17 Jan 2017, at 07:53, Paul Sokolovsky <paul.sokolovsky(a)> wrote:


Current "git describe" for the master gives "v1.5.0-3830-gecd209f". This
is a little bit unfortunate, especially that soon after 1.6.0 it was
like "v1.6.0-27-gb6fb798". I assume there were good thinking on
switching from "tag major releases in the master" to "tag any release
in a branch", so this is just a late notice of when it may matter.

(And indeed, git describe is not the most important command, I myself
never use it, until e.g. there's a need to suffix loads of binaries
from CI and similar, to make it better distinguishable by humans;
v1.6.0-27-gb6fb798 looks much better than v1.5.0-3830-gecd209f in this

The 1.6 tag was created on the branch. Starting with 1.6 we create a branch during the stabilisation period and continue development on master or the next release. This is the current model also described on the wiki.

I know git describe won’t work with this model, we need to find an alternative way. Probably when we change the version to 1.x.99, we could tag master so we can get something like: v1.6.99-1772-g003a46a


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