Re: RFC: ieee802154 radio api

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Johann,

int (*set_rf_test_mode)(struct device *dev, uint32_t mode),
What's the use case for it?
It would be turned off by default (return -ENOTSUPP). It is useful for
commissioning the hardware and is required for the test during the CE
or FCC certification. Of course, there are tools from the
manufacturers for it, but they are usually not so nice and they are
almost always bound to an OS, which I do not want to use. Natively
implemented, it is also useful in driver development, e.g. to check
whether PLL was set correctly after the channel was switched or to
test CCA :-). Mostly only four modes are useful: Idle, continues RX,
carrier wave, PRBS9. It must be clearly marked that it is only for
Isn't this kind of test made out of any 15.4 network? (i.e.: does it
require L2? I don't think so).
No, it just for the PHY (RF Testing, simular to BT DTM, e.g.
DTM_PKT_PRBS9 or CARRIER_TEST ...). It would also needs a shell command.
Ok sound like it could use the actual RAW use of the driver.

So you would need 2 function:

- one returning the supported modes

- one running the test with requested mode as you proposed.

this would be exposed only on Kconfig option condition.



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