Re: Suggestions for getting started

Kumar Gala

On Jan 18, 2017, at 12:29 PM, Abhinav Misra <abhitheextremeeng(a)> wrote:

Hi All,

Hope everybody is doing well.

I recently joined the zephyr devel mailing list and going through the documentation and other starters stuffs as being new to open source development.

I want to contribute to the project.Please suggest me some ways how to get started and on to which things to focus on.

I have following boards - :
1. Beagle bone black
2. STM32 discovery board
3. TI's MSP432

Any type of suggestion and help would be much appreciated.

Which STM32 discovery board do you have, this is possibly the best starting point to try and get zephyr up and running.

What kinda of work or code have you developed in the past? Any particular area of interest?

- k

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