Re: uint32_t typedef differences causes issues

Marcus Shawcroft <Marcus.Shawcroft@...>

On 19 Jan 2017, at 14:41, Kumar Gala <kumar.gala(a)> wrote:

It looks like newlib and our mini libc define uint32_t differently and this causes issues with the printf format warning from gcc. We get things like:

/home/galak/git/zephyr-project/subsys/bluetooth/controller/hci/hci_driver.c: In function 'hci_driver_open':
/home/galak/git/zephyr-project/subsys/bluetooth/controller/hci/hci_driver.c:387:10: error: format '%d' expects argument of type 'int', but argument 2 has type 'uint32_t {aka long unsigned int}' [-Werror=format=]

As newlib

typedef long unsigned intuint32_t;

Mini libc:

typedef unsigned intuint32_t;

So wondering if we should change mini-libc to match and fix up all the build issues associated with this?

Other ideas? Concern that fixing newlib will have issues w/other 3rd party pre-built toolchains

- k
Hi, This is because the code is using the wrong format specifier, see JIRA-1181

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