Re: Any plan for OTA support?

David Brown

No decision has been made, but I'm certainly going to be investigating
Mynewt's serial protocol.

The intent is that the bootloader won't be upgradeable. Ideally, it should
be protected so that even debug pins won't be able to update it. Without it
being protected, there really isn't any security to the rest of the boot


On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 5:46 AM Cufi, Carles <Carles.Cufi(a)>

Hi David,

If I’m not mistaken the Mynewt bootloader includes support for serial
“DFU” (more like app image management and transfer). Are you planning to
port that as well as part of the mcuboot project? The reason I ask is that
there have been some conversations regarding the future protocol that will
be used to provide DFU over the different transports (serial, USB, BLE,
15.4, etc) and it would be good to know if you have taken any sort of
decision in this regard.

If I’m not mistaken the serial code in the Mynewt bootloader uses parts of
what’s called the Newt management protocol currently, so it’d be
interesting to know if you plan to incorporate that into the project.

Also could you confirm that the mcuboot image will only be able to be
overwritten using debug pins? (i.e. no DFU, OTA or otherwise of the
bootloader itself).



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We are working on the Mynewt bootloader (which is going to be its own
project, called mcuboot). I have the OTA update as something that needs to
be done, but I'm not aware of currently plans to implement anything.


On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 12:10 PM Cufi, Carles <Carles.Cufi(a)>

Hi Linh,

I was actually asking myself the same question recently. I think Linaro
has started working on making the Mynewt bootloader usable with Zephyr, but
that is only the first step I assume.

Also, to add a bit to your question, are there plans for IP-based OTA
only, or is “regular” BLE OTA support also planned? By regular I mean
similar to the proprietary solutions that vendors offer today, where one
can update the firmware using only GATT, without requiring IPSP or LE
Connection-Oriented Channels.



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*Subject:* [devel] Any plan for OTA support?

Hi all,

Do you have any plans to support OTA framework on Zephyr?

Thank & Regards,
Linh Nguyen

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