Re: "/samples/net/coap_server" example is not working on "nrf52_pca10040" board

Johan Hedberg


On Mon, Jan 23, 2017, Appala Raju wrote:
As per this post
we can have unique Mac address but it seems this is not mapped in this
OS properly. Can we implement the same.
That's indeed a good idea. If someone wants to pick up the task, I think
following would probably be the appropriate location:

--- a/subsys/bluetooth/host/hci_core.c
+++ b/subsys/bluetooth/host/hci_core.c
@@ -3285,6 +3285,10 @@ static int set_static_addr(void)

+ /* Read address from nRF5-specific storage */
+ }
BT_DBG("Generating new static random address");

err = bt_addr_le_create_static(&bt_dev.id_addr);


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