Re: samples/net/zoap_server - blockwise transfers?

Bober, Wojciech <Wojciech.Bober@...>

Hi Vinicius,

Thanks for the reply. Sure, feel free to add me to the review.

Kind regards,

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Hi Wojtek,

"Bober, Wojciech" <Wojciech.Bober(a)> writes:


I'm playing around with zoap_server on nrf52_pca10040 but I can't get the blockwise transfers to work.
There are still some bugs in the implementation, I am working on solving them, I just noticed it when I was running a CoAP test suite
(californium) against zoap-server. Seems that my previous tests were incomplete.

When I do GET to /large I get "[zoap-server] [ERR] udp_receive: No handler for such request (-22)" in the log. The large_get handler fails at zoap_update_from_block() function. It doesn't matter if the block2 option is present in the request or not.

I also have issue with PUT to /large-update. The behaviour is inconsistent: sometimes I get the same error as above other times I get a reply to the request but I've also seen ACK Continue with Block2 (I think it should be Block1).

Any ideas what might be wrong?
In short, there was a stupid bug in parsing of integer options (this was already merged into the net branch), but I am still working on it, I can add you as reviewer as I propose the changes, if you are interested.

Kind regards,


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