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First of all NRF52840 does not have UART1 but UARTE1 (easyDMA only). When you need to have 2 serial peripherals and the same time you have following options:

  • UART0 and UARTE1 (with easyDMA)
  • UARTE0 and UARTE1.

Once refactoring of UART shim will be finished we will add UARTE shim. These shims will differ significantly so you cannot reuse existing one.

Currently we are in the discussions about SW design of UARTE shim.


Best regards,

Jakub Rzeszutko


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Subject: RE: [Zephyr-devel] NRF52840 UART1


Hi Ryan,


We are definitely working towards supporting all UARTs in the 52840 from the Nordic side.

I have copied some of the people working on drivers for Zephyr so that they can give you more precise information.






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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] NRF52840 UART1



After looking through the code it doesn't look like the 2nd uart (UART1) is fully implemented for the NRF52840.  Is anyone working on adding support for this?
Does anyone have a good example to go off of if I want to try and add support for UART1?



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