Re: [Zephyr-users] #BluetoothMesh ...about latest kernel OOPS & exception #bluetoothmesh

Andy Ross

Vikrant8051 <vikrant8051@...> wrote:
I commented line no. 3318 of subsys/bluetooth/host/hci_core.c i.e. //

And after that everything is working perfectly normal.
I was pointed to this on IRC. The symptom you've got there sounds a
lot like a scheduler mistake that got fixed yesterday, where
ostensibly-pended threads could be incorrectly swapped back in. They
would then wake up (generally with an -EAGAIN return value from
_Swap()) and take whatever default action is approparite (like
returning a NULL value from the empty list), so it's a little subtle
to recognize as a bug and often "recoverable" by existing handling.

But it's a real bug. Can you verify that you tree contains commit
43553da9b2bb9e5 and see if that was the same root cause?

There's at least one other report of instability after that merged,
but this definitely sounds like it might be your local problem. I'm
trying to track this down locally, but alas our test suite passes, so
I'm hoping to get more information.


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