Re: How to configure #NVS if #FCB in used for #BluetoothMesh ? #nvs #fcb #bluetoothmesh

Puzdrowski, Andrzej



As you notice right now it is impossible to use both NVS and FCB out of the box. So you need a hack.

I think finally this problem should be resolved by introduction of dedicate flash slot which are described via DTS (similar to the current one, the  STORAGE_PARTITION).

STORAGE_PARTITION might be kept for situation where it is only storage partition.

Unfortunately I don’t have time right now to improve this. Any contribution and further comment regard this are highly welcome 😃




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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] How to configure #NVS if #FCB in used for #BluetoothMesh ?


Hi all,


I wanna use #NVS to save #BluetoothMesh Models states.


As per current implementation, #BluetoothMesh stack is using #FCB for persistent storage.


If I use #NVS (with default setting) along with #FCB, and try to save some data using it, then it pushes NODE into unprovisioned state. This should be because of overlapping.


Solution is to modify NVS's storage offset. For e.g.




But it will be not a good idea, if #DFU_OTA going to be part of project. Am i right ?


Do anyone have better solution ?


Thank You !!







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