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I have a question regarding the impact of CONFIG_SEMAPHORE_GROUPS flag.

In my sample application I experienced weird failures in k_sem_give being called from udp receive callback.
After debugging this issue I found out that the failure occurred in sem_give_common function, and more precisely, when entering this if condition:

If(handle_sem_group(sem, thread))

where handle_sem_group is defined as follows:

static int handle_sem_group(struct k_sem *sem, struct k_thread *thread)

#define handle_sem_group(sem, thread) 0

Disassembly shows the following (faulting instruction address is 0x0040f38c:)

0040f36c: ands.w r5, r3, #1
0040f370: beq.n 0x40f42a <sem_give_common+226>
177 list = (sys_dlist_t *)dummy->desc.thread->base.swap_data;
0040f372: ldr r3, [r4, #48] ; 0x30
0040f374: ldr.w r8, [r3, #12]
132 return list->head == list;
0040f378: ldr.w r4, [r8]
145 return sys_dlist_is_empty(list) ? NULL : list->head;
0040f37c: cmp r8, r4
0040f37e: it eq
0040f380: moveq r4, #0
176 return (!node || node == list->tail) ? NULL : node->next;
0040f382: cbz r4, 0x40f390 <sem_give_common+72>
0040f384: ldr.w r3, [r8, #4]
0040f388: cmp r3, r4
0040f38a: beq.n 0x40f394 <sem_give_common+76>
0040f38c: ldr r5, [r4, #0]
0040f38e: b.n 0x40f396 <sem_give_common+78>
0040f390: mov r5, r4
0040f392: b.n 0x40f396 <sem_give_common+78>
0040f394: movs r5, #0
0040f396: ldr r3, [r4, #12]
0040f398: cmp r6, r3
0040f39a: beq.n 0x40f3c8 <sem_give_common+128>
0040f39c: ldr.w r3, [r4, #-8]
0040f3a0: adds r3, #2
0040f3a2: beq.n 0x40f382 <sem_give_common+58>
0040f3a4: sub.w r9, r4, #40 ; 0x28
0040f3a8: sub.w r0, r4, #24
0040f3ac: bl 0x40f2a0 <_abort_timeout>
0040f3b0: mov r0, r9
0040f3b2: bl 0x40f290 <sys_dlist_remove>

The default value of CONFIG_SEMAPHORE_GROUPS is “y”, and after setting it to “n” in my prj.conf I stopped facing this issue.

But I’m not sure it is a correct handling of the issue.

Are you familiar with this issue?
Am I missing anything here?


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