Re: Cellular Modem support

Michael Scott

Hello Ryan (and Paul),

On 06/07/2018 07:06 AM, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:

On Wed, 06 Jun 2018 11:47:24 -0700
"Ryan Erickson" <ryan.erickson@...> wrote:


Does anyone know if there are any plans or if work is being done to
add a proper cellular modem layer in zephyr?
Sure: and I know
Nordic also works on support for their nRF91.
I updated the WCN-M14A2A LTE-M modem driver PR today:

There are quite a few "things-to-do", but it's nice as a reference for:
- drivers/modem setup vs. doing everything in the app layer
- offloaded network communications
- AT command style modem control
- A very small modem-receiver layer which provides a basic shell to send commands to registered modems.

My hope was to enable the native Zephyr networking samples for modem connectivity instead of ethernet, bluetooth, etc via a few additional configs like so:

- Mike

I know I could do this
at the app layer, but I thought adding this into the OS would provide
a better solution.  For example, the cell module I plan to use has an
IP stack embedded in it.  To open a socket on the cell module, AT
commands are used.  The goal would be to use the zephyr networking
layer to open sockets which then sends the proper AT command to cell
module over UART.  This would allow seamless use of high level APIs
like MQTT, etc.



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