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My name is Patrick König. I am new to zephyr. I just wrote a couple of functions as additions to the zephyr/samples/subsys/usb/cdc_acm Sample Project for the Nordic nRf52840. These are working fine and have been tested.


Now I moved these functions from the main.c file to a custom module (.c and .h) within the src folder of my project. While doing so I managed to build the object file by keeping the sources in the source folder as described in the documentation.
Unfortunately I get errors from the linker telling me that I have undefined references to my functions.


So my question is: Is there a specific include process for adding custom modules to a project while using zephyr? Or did I miss a step in my process?


I have searched github for a similar issue, but I had no luck so far finding a solution, that’s why I hope to get an answer this way.


Thanks a lot


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