How does the app get notified if authentication failed?

Li, Jun R



In my BLE project, a passkey is required to access the NRF51 device; thus the callback functions of “struct bt_conn_auth_cb” were implemented to achieve secured paring. What I observed is that

  1. The function “cancel” will be called if the other peer canceled the pairing process.
  2. The function “security_changed” will be called if the passkey was successfully entered.


However, my application was NOT notified if a wrong passkey was entered, thus the BLE connection is still kept. Ideally, I hope to immediately disconnect the connection if the passkey is wrong. However, I can’t find a callback function to notify the application if the passkey was wrong. 


With more debugging logs, I can see the function  “smp_pairing_complete” got status (-4) when pairing failed while this status is zero when successful.


Can anyone enlighten me what kind of function can be used to notify the application that pairing failed?  Thank you!





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