Re: Documentation on bt_conn_auth_cb(...)

Johan Hedberg

Hi Theis,

On Thu, Jun 14, 2018, Theis Orthmann Blickfeldt Jørgensen (TTJO) wrote:
I am trying to understand the GAP API for Zephyr Bluetooth Stack, and
came across bt_conn_auth_cb(...). This callback function seems to be
completely undocumented.
Anyone who know what the callback-criteria is for the registered
They map directly to the authentication methods from the Security
Manager protocol.

If the responsible developers at Intel reads this message, it would be
nice with some explanatory comments in the source code.
The lack of documentation for these is indeed an oversight. Could you
open a github issue so we can track getting the documentation
implemented? Btw, the response functions to the callbacks (the ones that
solicit a response anyway) are at least documented, and describe which
callback from bt_conn_auth_cb they relate to (I'm referring here to the
likes of bt_conn_auth_passkey_entry, bt_conn_auth_passkey_confirm, etc).


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