SAMD21 I2C support


I'm currently working on the board configuration for the SODAQ One which is very similar to the Adafruit Feather M0 already supported by Zephyr.
Console is working and I setup the SPI bus. I also managed to operate the RN2483 LoRa chip through UART.
This board has an uBlox EVA 8M GPS and LSM303AGR Accelerometer connected to the I2C bus (SERCOM3) which I'm trying to configure properly.
My problem is that the other SAM0 Family boards supported don't mention any I2C in their configuration.
I was expecting of finding something like for the UART/SPI i.e. CONFIG_I2C_SAM0 but it doesn't exist. I found however a generic SAM one, can I use this one? (CONFIG_I2C_SAM_TWI).
Any pointer on how to configure the i2c device please?
Thank you,

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