Re: SAMD21 I2C support

Léonard Bise <leonard.bise@...>

Hello Michael,
I would be willing to try at least. Hopefully with some guidance it wouldn't be too hard.
I'm currently setting up my fork to have a clean dev env.
Just so I'm clear on what exactly needs to be done.
  • I need to write an I2C driver (i2c_sam0.c) that provides the required functionalities to the i2c driver API
  • Provide a binding dts file for atmel,sam0-i2c
  • Add fixups of the form CONFIG_I2C_SAM0_SERCOMX in zephyr/arch/arm/soc/atmel_sam0/samd21/dts.fixup
Anything else I'm missing?
Do you think I should open an issue regarding this ?
Best regards,

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