Re: Adding new DTS binding for SAM0 I2C

Léonard Bise <leonard.bise@...>

Hello guys,

Thanks for the help. I fixed my binding problem and also the i2c driver I'm working on seem to be working now.
Thank you also Madani. I took a look at what you did and it's very similar to what I've been writing. The only difference is I used an interrupt based approach.

Best regards,

On 2 July 2018 at 15:43, <m.lainani@...> wrote:
Hi Léonard,

I've been working on adding I2C support for the SAMD21 but I don't feel it is in a state where making a pull request would be relevant: this is my first foray in Zephyr development plus I didn't know much about I2C until a few weeks ago. Still, my driver compiles properly and I was able to validate basic read/write operation. You can check the two commits below. The first is for the driver implementation while the second is for the addition of a new board using the driver in question.



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