Re: ZEPHYR_BASE environment variableIs setup #gettingstartedguide

Maureen Helm

In Windows you can run zephyr-env.cmd to set ZEPHYR_BASE. It also has a hook to invoke your own zephyrrc.cmd which is handy for setting ZEPHYR_TOOLCHAIN_VARIANT and GCCARMEMB_TOOLCHAIN_PATH.


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I assume you are on Windows from what you say.


If you have a single copy of the repo on your disk you can add ZEPHYR_BASE as a permanent environment variable. I recommend to do that.


Windows doesn’t have the equivalent of ~/.bashrc AFAIK.



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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] ZEPHYR_BASE environment variableIs setup #gettingstartedguide



I have to set the the ZEPHYR_BASE environment variableIs every time I creat a new command window session to compile a project. Is there any way to save the ZEPHYR_BASE environment variableIs in windows setup and have it worked for all sessions?


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