Re: Low power node and friend #bluetoothmesh

Diana Rivera


A couple of months ago, I requested some help to enable the LPN and friend features in this post:
Which turned out successfully with your help (decided to take the prj.conf file approach). Back then, I was using: v1.11.0-244-gbe52e3c.

Now I'm currently trying to run the same app in the latest Zephyr release: v1.12.0 (f58d9ca). However, I'm having some trouble with the LPN and friend node associating. I believe the problem might be with the friend node, as I've managed to make a node flashed with the LPN v1.12 configurations associate with a Friend v1.11 configurations. But still, I have failed to make them associate if both of them are flashed with the v1.12 code, or if the Friend is the one using that version. 

I've gone through the Friend related codes, and haven't been able to find a significant difference from the version I previously used. I have also gone through the API, and haven't been able to find what I'm doing wrong. Is there any change in the friend's configuration that I'm ignoring?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards,


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