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Hi Ulf and Carles,

Thanks for the response. It seems that it is not possible to do what I want directly, no problem. I will compare SET_NVS_SECTOR_SIZE with FLASH_ERASE_BLOCK_SIZE in my code to verify that the setup is OK.

Kind regards,

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018, 10:22 Ulf Magnusson <ulfalizer@...> wrote:

Looks like this setting comes from DTS. See e.g. the commit message
for commit 9e09e2a ("OpenThread: Change SETTINGS_CONFIG_PAGE_SIZE to
target specific value"), which mentions that it's generated "from
'erase-block-size' found in the dtsi file of devices".

Values from DTS currently can't be used as input to Kconfig, though it
might be nice if they could. There's a related issue:


On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 3:47 PM, Cufi, Carles <Carles.Cufi@...> wrote:
> Hi Jehudi,
> Kconfig options can only default to values of other Kconfig options, the whole Kconfig system is self-contained and has no access to macros in the code.
> If necessary, you can convert FLASH_ERASE_BLOCK_SIZE to be a Kconfig option perhaps?
> Carles
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>> Hi,
>> I am working on a subsystem and I have some problem with Kconfig. I
>> would like to define a configuration setting: SET_NVS_SECTOR_SIZE and
>> apply a default equal to the define FLASH_ERASE_BLOCK_SIZE:
>>     int "sector size used by default NVS backend"
>> but this doen't work: cmake complaints that FLASH_ERASE_BLOCK_SIZE is
>> not defined. However I can use FLASH_ERASE_BLOCK_SIZE in a .c or .h
>> file, and its value is set correct.
>> How should I do this in Kconfig ?
>> Thanks,
>> Jehudi

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