Zephyr is moving to Github on May 1st

Nashif, Anas


First, sorry for the short notice.


Some of you might have heard about this already, it was mentioned in discussions and events. Most recently it was proposed officially to the board and was approved.


The Zephyr project launched last year with Gerrit as a code review system and it was meant to be used for this purpose until we have critical mass and a larger community. Over the last year we had a lot of feedback regarding the choice of Gerrit for the Zephyr project, most of which was negative feedback, however, I have talked to many developers and contributors who were actually happy with Gerrit, however in the 1st Zephyr mini-summit held last year in Austin we decided unanimously to move to github.com.


Our main goal is to have most of services we use for the project  in one place and have the best integration possible to enhance the development experience.


=== What does this mean for you as a Zephyr project contributor? ===


Starting next week, all code submissions have to be done using Pull Request on the Zephyr project github page:




The latest tree and the latest releases (https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/releases )

will be available from Github directly.


Detailed documentation on how to submit changes will appear in the top-level README.md file which should also appear in the repository web page on github. For those not familiar with github, please take a look at the Pull Request method for submitting code changes:





=== What else is moving? ===


Beside the hosting of the GIT repo and the review process using pull requests, the following will be moved to github:


-          Releases: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/releases

-          Wiki: We will move content from wiki.zephyrproject.org to three possible place:

o    the built-in wiki on github,

o   in some cases to the source tree in RST format

o   some content will move to the website


=== What about Jira? ===


At this moment we will continue using Jira as is, we are discussing and exploring usage of github issues, but this is still being evaluated.



=== What happens to my pending changes in gerrit? ===


Gerrit will be switched to operate in offline mode and all the existing changes will be available for processing and transition through May. However, we encourage you to resubmit your changes to Github and abandon changes on github. We already gone through the existing changes in github and did some initial cleanup.



Additional information and the new process for submitting changes will be documented on the github page and will be available already tomorrow. CI will also be available through github with additional details.


Your comments are welcome.




















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