Some question about boot and flash Zephyr OS <eladyaakovi@...>

- As I can see, I flashed Zephyr to Carbon 96 board, I don't fully understand the process, 

I mean, I see .bin and .elf files but i don't see boot.img file, how do i make a bootable file ? what are the required files to flash ? 

Is flashing is the same to all the boards? (as I wrote before 2 weeks, I will bring Zephyr to DragonBoard 410c and trying it on carbon 96)

- Can you please send me Zephyr architecture document? And some Zephyr document, I such as how to flash it to a new board, what are the required files to a new board ? 

 Is there any "boot.img" for zephyr?

- How to I join to IRC channel ? 

Thanks you a lot!

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