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Diego Sueiro


I'm having problems when trying to use the SystemView for both frdm_k64f and colibri_imx7d_m4 boards. I followed these instructions and sometimes the SystemView crashes, or reports it was failed to connect to the target, or that the RTT Control Block Address was not found or it starts recording but no event is detected.
I can see in the zephyr console output it printing the RTT block address and tried to use it when start recording, but no success.

Host: Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS
J-Link Commander: V6.32d (frdm_k64f SWD interface with J-Link OpenSDA 2 firmware and colibri_imx7d_m4 JTAG interface with J-Link EDU)
Systemview: V2.52a

I even opened a thread in the Segger support forum reporting the crash and they said that it is working without any issues on Ubuntu with embOS application on a Cortex-M4 target device.

I'm just wondering if this sample app is currently working in the master branch.

PS.: I can debug Zephyr apps step-by-step on both boards, and I can see that apparently sysview_thread is sending out data and the SDA_LED in the frdm_64k is blinking.


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