Re: Renaming the RISC-V FE310 SoC in Zephyr

Nashif, Anas

I do not think the FRDM in Freedom board is something Zephyr specific, this is part of the branding/product naming AFAIK. So I would not abbreviate it, SiFive Freedom is just fine.


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Hi Nate,

No objections, I only want to point out that we already abbreviate "Freedom" as "frdm" in the NXP Freedom board series, for example:

So I wonder if we should consider "sifive_frdm" as the folder name.



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Hi Zephyr Developers,

At the moment, Zephyr support for SiFive’s Freedom line of SoCs is named FE310. Since the FE310 is just one of our products which is compatible with this port, we’d like to change the name of the SoC in Zephyr.

We’re proposing renaming the “FE310” SoC to "SiFive Freedom”.

If there are any concerns about this particular choice, let me know, otherwise I’ll submit a PR and we can hash out the minutiae there.

Nate Graff

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