Re: help building using the latest zephyr version (nRF52840, pca10056)

Florian Vaussard


Le 20. 08. 18 à 18:17, Abderrezak Mekkaoui a écrit :
Error: Aborting due to non-whitelisted Kconfig warning '../apps/ble_esp/ble_esp_build/zephyr/.config:149: warning: attempt to assign the value "n" to the undef
ined symbol WAITQ_FAST'.
This looks like the culprit. Looks for the WAITQ_FAST Kconfig
in your prj.conf (or possibly elsewhere if you made changes).
This Kconfig does not exist in v1.11 or v1.12, so I do not
know where it is coming from.


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