bt_le_scan_start Fails with Error -5 after 128 scan start/stop cycles

Declan Traill <declan.traill@...>



I have a basic project that scans for 5 seconds, then stops for one second - then repeats forever.

After exactly 128 cycles, the 129th scan start (and all after that) fails with error code -5 (I think this is POSIX: #define EIO 5 /* I/O error */).


Given the number of time it works (128) it seems like a resource or memory may have run out?


Here is the debug log (attached) showing the problem: Any ideas what might be wrong & how to fix it?




P.S. Also at the end of this file is a fragment of debug I saw a couple of times earlier today during testing - showing a kernel error that occurred. It may be related or unrelated to the other problem??




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