Re: Enable SPI driver on nrf52840

Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa

Hi Chuck,

I do not understand “menuconfig will not run on the project”, you may want to check your toolchain requirements and/or make a clean build, check that cmake command for the board and application execute successfully.

When setting Kconfig options in prj.conf, one needs to ensure dependencies are taken care, which is something when using the targets “config” or “menuconfig” will take care when selecting Kconfig options.
Anyway, the build process will warn of any mismatch in the Kconfig options that you need to check for.

Alternatively, check your generated “.config” file if you have the required Kconfig options are selected.


On 22 Aug 2018, at 19:42, cpmcparland@... wrote:

Justin, Vinayak,

Thanks, still digging into this.  So far, the cmake phase is not properly copying the
drivers into the library and failing before any make files are produced.  So, menuconfig
will not run on the project.  The driver CMakeLists.txt seems to be correct, but the value
CONFIG_SPI is not being set (I assume because of a DTS issue) and therefore the
source/library environment is not being properly generated by the initial project
cmake command.

Have performed the same operation with arduino_101 target and things work.  Don't
have one of those boards, so can't say that target code runs.  But, cmake and make
phase run successfully.  Have been comparing dts and dtsi files (should I be looking at
yaml as well?) between arduino_101 and nrf52840_pca10056 to look for an answer.
But, no joy as yet.  Any suggestions from the group?


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