Re: Zephyr 1.13rc1 tagged

Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Anas,

On Thu, 23 Aug 2018 04:19:51 +0000
"Nashif, Anas" <anas.nashif@...> wrote:

We have tagged Zephyr 1.13 rc1 and with that closed the merge window
for 1.13. Focus now will go into bug fixing, testing and
documentation. All new features will be merged after 1.13 is released.
Thanks for the prompt pre-release process notifications to the mailing
list this cycle. Hope it'll become a good tradition ;-).

The change log since 1.12 and release notes can be found here:
Any reminder/suggestion where/how to contribute notes for the master
changelog of this release (e.g. of breaking changes)? I grepped thru
tickets/PRs at the beginning of this week and don't think I found
something. Actually, I have no idea who's release manager this cycle, as is unassigned.

(I can make wild guesses of course ;-). And yeah, I'm sure everyone,
including me, takes it easy - it's vacation times, so everyone misses
something. Again, I'm only pleasantly surprised about mailing list

Thank you all for the contributions and support,
Anas Nashif

Best Regards,
Paul | Open source software for ARM SoCs
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