Re: Enable SPI driver on nrf52840

Ulf Magnusson

On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 3:06 AM <cpmcparland@...> wrote:


Great utube file. Sorry for taking so long to get back on this, but wanted to check this out on the SPI
driver as well. I might just be getting the hang of how this scheme least, I hope so!

I2C driver build worked exactly as your demo...not too surprising, but never hurts to verify. I
also managed to get the SPI driver to work but, I had to change the setting of CONFIG_SPI_1 to
CONFIG_SPI_0 in the driver Kconfig file. I tried to do that in the prj.conf file, but it still failed.
Making the change in Kconfig, however, worked. I'm guessing there are some things that need to
be done early in the Kconfig file before prj.conf gets dealt with (?).

Will play around with compatible GPIO pins on the 52840 so that I can get both I2C_0 and SPI_0
working at the same time.

Thanks again for the video- things were really clear after that.

Another random tip is that you can save a minimal configuration file
by pressing [D] in the menuconfig interface. The minimal configuration
file only lists symbols whose values differ from their default values,
and might give a better overview of the configuration.

The minimal configuration file might even work as a stand-in for
zephyr/.config, due to how the configuration system is set up at the
moment: When there are no changes to *_defconfig or *.conf files,
zephyr/.config gets read back in, and a new zephyr/.config is written
out. That new zephyr/.config will be "full". Don't count on that
though. :)


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