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Luiz Augusto von Dentz

Hi Dhananjay,

When you refer to subscribe I suppose you are talking about writes to
CCC? Those are persistent if you have paired the device which I
believe is mandatory in case of HID, clearing the subscription on
disconnect is only done if not paired:

This cannot be conditional per service as the Bluetooth spec mandates
this behaviour.

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I am using Zephyr's Bluetooth stack for my BLE peripheral device which
uses either HID services and custom service to send data to BLE Host.

The problem i face is as follows:
1) If i connect my device as HID device all the services except my custom
service is subscribed (as expected)
2) Now i disconnect and connect my device as custom device (without device
reset) through custom application in Android i am able to use my custom
service to send data.
3) Now i disconnect my device from my custom application and again try to
connect my device as HID (from android Bluetooth settings).
4) But now all the services (both HID and custom services) are subscribed.


Whatever services were subscribed during disconnection, it will be
subscribed automatically when the device is connected again from host. So
when the device is connected as HID device second time (above), custom
service is also subscribed automatically.


For sure I don't see any service subscription requests from the BLE host
devices. (verified using adb logcat).

I observed the same behavior in the samples/peripheral examples and using
nRF connect app. When device first connects to the phone all the available
services are subscribed automatically. But now i manually unsubscribe from
one of the service (for eg HRS) and then disconnect the device. If i now
connect to the device again then all the services except HRS is subscribed
automatically where as i would expect HRS also to be subscribed.

When power reset is done on the device, then everything is fine until i try
the same procedure above. But i think reset initializes the BLE stack again
but this affects switching between the services dynamically in the

Should applications handle the clearing of subscribed services during
disconnection? Is this expected behavior of the BLE stack with in a power

Thank you,
Dhananjay G J
Luiz Augusto von Dentz

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