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Hi Justin,
actually I made it yesterday (adopted stm32 code), at least it is looks like that it is working somehow (both direction), but also it need some testing. However Im still missing IRQ and DMA support.  So if your code support IRQ and DMA I would like to take look at it as I need DMA support.  Im also still missing some initialization part check... Lot of stuff to do. 

Im still dont know how to handle the possibility to have various configuration for different chip select under one peripheral in Zephyr.  But I dont need this functionality and Zephyr is not ready for this.... 

Just to be clear Im using SPI peripheral not USART. 


2018-09-06 6:17 GMT+02:00 Justin Watson <jwatson5@...>:

Hi Jiri,

I have a good bit of a SPI driver done. It needs the reading side completed and tested. For my purposes I only did the writing side. Would you like to take it from where I left off or do you want to do your own? You are welcome either way to message me on IRC. I have written a portion of the SAM supporting code.

On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 12:15 AM Tomasz Bursztyka <> wrote:
Hi Jiri,

One thing is common over all drivers is how it iterates through the r/w
buffers (drivers/spi/spi_context.h) but rest depends on hardware and
whether or not you use a HAL to access it (nrfx, stm32 are doing it for

Up to you to decide if you want to use a HAL (from Atmel's ASF) or not



> Hi,
> I would like to try develop SPI driver for SAME70. However by looking
> to ./drivers/spi/ it seems that every driver is implemented by its
> own way (some needs workarounds in dts.fixup). Is there some spi
> driver which I can take as reference? Im quite new to this so any
> help is appreciate.
> Best regards,
> Jiri 

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