Re: Enable SPI driver on nrf52840

Jan Van Winkel <jan.van_winkel@...>


The only thing I needed to configure is the spi config struct (freq, spi mode of operation & cs) and it just worked out of the box.
But to be honest the only place where I used the NRF SPI is in the ILI9340 display driver[1] and that was a couple of months ago, maybe you can have a look at the SPI code in the display driver.


On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 8:05 PM <cpmcparland@...> wrote:

Thanks, missed that typo.  Fixed that, but same result.  For the moment,
I'm not worried about the data or behavior of the SPI device.  Just want to
see a driver transaction comes next.

Not very familiar with the "easy" part of easyDMA.  Do I need to configure
anything outside of the spim driver (besides the CS device and pin I'm handing to the
spi config structure)?


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