Re: Application specific MBEDTLS configuration

Flavio Ceolin



On 2018-09-16 12:25, Flavio Ceolin wrote:
HI Aurelien,

Hi all,

I have specific needs for my application and I would therefore like to
provide my own mbedtls config file or extend an existing one. The
existing MBEDTLS_CFG_FILE seems to only be able to use files in the
zephyr source code (as opposed to the app source code). The recently
added generic TLS configuration allow to specific an additional include
file through the TLS_USER_CONFIG_FILE option, but it seems to suffer
from the same issue.

Does anyone have a trick to provide an application specific mbedtls
config file?
Have you tried to pass the absolute path of your header in
Yes, it indeed works that way. That said I don't consider that as a
solution. The value in the Kconfig file comes from the app's prj.conf
and I don't want to hard-code the path there. I would like to be able
to distribute the app that people can then build it against Zephyr, in
the directory they want.
Agree, it's worth to fill an issue regarding this.


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Flavio Ceolin

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