Looking for new maintainer for RPL

Ravi kumar Veeramally


RPL (mesh routing) technology over 802.15.4 has been supported in Zephyr
from the beginning. Originally it was taken from Contiki OS and modified
according to Zephyr network buffer management.

While developing sample RPL applications like rpl_border_router and
rpl_node, we fixed various issues in RPL base code. No new RPL features
nor bug fixes from upstream Contiki have been merged after that.

Upstream Contiki has continued development and is now quite far from
Zephyr RPL implementation. For example Contiki supports non-storing mode
which Zephyr does not support.

There is a lot of re-engineering work going on in Zephyr network stack
right now. Like network buffer changes and socket based support for
application level protocols.

Due to on-going efforts for network stack re-engineering, RPL needs also
modifications. At our side, current priorities are are different from
supporting WPAN family of IoT enablers.

Therefore, we are seeking new maintainers and stakeholders to support
RPL in Zephyr. If no new maintainers are found, the current plan is to 
deprecate RPL code in near future.

Thanks in advance,

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