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Jiří Kubias <jiri.kubias@...>

Hi Vincent,
Im open minded 8-). I have implemented SPI driver with polling - seems to be working fine for moth ways. But configuration stuff need some recheck and only one CS is supported.  I have tried to implement the DMA (I can compile it) into my driver but it fails when I bind the DMA - I have received MPU protection fault. Unfortunately there not many examples with DMA so it is not so simply to implement it... In another thread was reported also MPU fault with v1.13 which Im using. But it seems to be fixed in GIT so I have to recheck it again to see if the problem is still there or not.  I would like to finish it this week but Im sharing my time with another projects.... 

I will also try to implement the flash driver - but I didnt started yet.


2018-09-17 15:07 GMT+02:00 <vincent@...>:

Hi Jiri, 

I'm was planning a SPI driver for the SAM4S and later on the SAMe70. 
I have sufficient boards to test the SPI driver, with displays, flash, IMU and transceivers on them to push its boundries. I can add the IRQ and DMA also, as I was using both with another RTOS before. 

Perhaps we can combine effort for this. 

Kind regards,

Ing. Jiri Kubias
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