Re: BSD Sockets like API: prototyping report #3

Paul Sokolovsky


On Thu, 4 May 2017 17:47:17 +0300
Paul Sokolovsky <Paul.Sokolovsky@...> wrote:


b) My "ultimate" test was supposed to be downloading large files (tens
of MBs) from, checking their hash (I'm
using that site as it readily offers hash values for different
algorithms), then repeating to collect enough traffic (ultimately
mentioned gigabyte). Unfortunately, I didn't have much luck with this
"ambitious" goal. Overall, I got 100% TCP hang on byte counts ranging
from 100Kbs to ~10MB.
I figured out this issue - it's because Zephyr IP stack doesn't
anticipate the possibility that its ACK may be lost. Then peer will
resend a packet Zephyr already saw, and it doesn't like that. This is
ticketed as .

With workaround for that applied, I didn't have problems with prolonged
downloads from the real Internet:

Received already seen pkt - ACKing
Received already seen pkt - ACKing
Received already seen pkt - ACKing
Making sure FIN goes with ACK; adjusting seq by 2; now fire up Wireshark and check that all's ok
Size : 7015896
Hash : 337c37d7ec00348414224baa6bdb2d43f2a34ef5676bafcdcad916f148b5b317
Total downloaded so far: 160M

Summing up, basic testing with a convenient to use API (BSD Sockets)
and easy to use environment to exercise that API (MicroPython) quickly
uncovered 3 critical issues in Zephyr IP stack, and few more less
serious, which shows the potential ;-).


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