Re: What are the requirements for running coap_server on a board?

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in order the upper IP stack to send packets to radio network, there
must be a network interface in the system. All IP network traffic goes
through this network interface. A network interface gets created by
NET_DEVICE_INIT() macro, typically this is located in network device
driver. There needs to be a L2 driver that depends on your network
technology, the name of the L2 is given to NET_DEVICE_INIT(). You can
see existing ethernet driver in drivers/ethernet/eth*.c for some


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I'd like to check for radio connectivity between two of my ST B-
LRWAN1 boards.

Each of those boards has a SX1276 LoRa radio transceiver connected
SPI1. For the test purposes, I'd like Zephyr coap_server and
coap_client applications use that interface to exchange messages.

The SPI1 is enabled and configured on both boards. I've tried to run
coap_server on a board with configured SPI1, but I got error
"join_coap_multicast_group: Could not get te default interface".

Obviously, a default network interface definition is missing from my
board configuration. As far as I understand, a networking interface
to be defined and picked up by a particular driver - e.g Bluetooth,
Ethernet, IEEE 802.15.4.

So, How do I define a default networking interface and make it
say, Ethernet packets?

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