Re: Choosing Tx Buffers in BLE stack



Whatever Zephyr is doing I don't think Win should crash. I expect this is a bug in the OS or the driver. You can try MS support, maybe they can help. It should simply reject the data (that will probably not help you much as you may miss an information about key release).

At first I expected you are not sending normal HID data but instead put some custom data in the HID report, but you state that you work on a keyboard. Are you using zephyr hid sample? How is your report defined? How much data are you sending with each notification?

Zephyr will block when there is no buffer available to add the notification data too. If data is not picked fast enough by the host (i.e. connection is slow) pipeline of data waiting to be served will build up. It is up to your application to ensure the valid data flow. For that you can check optional callback added to Zephyr recently.

As for limiting the number of data sent with each connection interval, you are doing that by correctly setting up the report map and sending data according to it. Are you doing that? (Maybe system receives too much data compared to what was stated in the map and crash?)

To limit the data sent with each interval you can try changing MTU, however I don't think this is the problem.


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