Does Zephyr allow provisioning using relays?

IosuGorostiza <balcalde@...>

Hi, everybody:
I´m using four boards Nordic PCA10056 with nRF52840 for creating a simple mesh net. For provisioning I´m using the Nordic App  nRF mesh. I'm using the sample "onoff_level_lighting_vnd_app". Two of the boards are configured as relays, one is Generic On/Off Client and the last one is Generic On/Off  Server. Between the Client and the Server are the relays like this:

Client -> Relay1 -> Relay2 -> Server

When I´m close to the Client the App nRF mesh doesn't reach  the Server and when I'm close to the Server the doesn't reach  the Client. For provisioning all the net I have to move close to the Server and close to the Client. 
I would like to know if Zephyr allows to provisioning using  relays.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards

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