Re: Does Zephyr allow provisioning using relays?

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As per my knowledge, remote provisioning is not yet part of Bluetooth SIG Mesh specification. That is why this feature is not included in Zephyr mesh stack.

Nordic own mesh SDK supported it. Have you tried to do remote provisioning using #nRFMesh App on Mesh in which NODEs are executing Nordic mesh SDK ? Because I have doubt that it is possible with #nRFMesh App itself.

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On Mon, Oct 1, 2018, 8:14 PM IosuGorostiza <balcalde@...> wrote:
Hi, everybody:
I´m using four boards Nordic PCA10056 with nRF52840 for creating a simple mesh net. For provisioning I´m using the Nordic App  nRF mesh. I'm using the sample "onoff_level_lighting_vnd_app". Two of the boards are configured as relays, one is Generic On/Off Client and the last one is Generic On/Off  Server. Between the Client and the Server are the relays like this:

Client -> Relay1 -> Relay2 -> Server

When I´m close to the Client the App nRF mesh doesn't reach  the Server and when I'm close to the Server the doesn't reach  the Client. For provisioning all the net I have to move close to the Server and close to the Client. 
I would like to know if Zephyr allows to provisioning using  relays.

Thanks in advance.
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