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Yasushi SHOJI

Hi Gil,

It's nice to see someone using TI CGT!
I've been working on it but the current Zephyr code base has many GCC-ism's.
Most challenging part of it is the final linking. In parts, CGT's
pre-processor doesn't handle
.S with C includes, it expands ".text" into ". text" with a white
space between dot and alpha,
the linking commands assume c compiler with linker options, etc.

I've talked to Sebastian about it and he said he'd like to go with a
compiler translator,
a python script to translate a compiling commands to another. A
tentative code is at

With the script. I've compiled all C code but haven't finished the
final linking.

just to note, currently the CROSS_COMPILE environment variable only works with a
tool chain with same prefix. ie) "armeb-eabi-". Check


On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 2:42 AM Gil Pitney <gil.pitney@...> wrote:

Hi Flavio,

I also recorded some issues attempting to integrate TI compiler/toolchain:

I haven't gotten back to it as it's lower priority for the moment.

- Gil

On 1 October 2018 at 10:29, Flavio Ceolin <flavio.ceolin@...> wrote:

Hi Sebastian,

The in-tree documentation is lacking indeed, but I also wanted to know
whether people is trying to use other compilers and the problems they
are facing.

The work on MISRA-C and C99 conformance will make easier use different
tools -from code only perspective - and I'm trying to map what are the other

This is a known hole in our documentation.

To discover toolchains that have in-tree integrations see the contents of zephyr/cmake/toolchain.

Toolchains that are not integrated use CROSS_COMPILE, but using CROSS_COMPILE will only work for certain types of toolchains and certain types of Zephyr configurations.

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Guys I'm trying to have a list of supported compilers on Zephyr, but in
our wiki just mention about 3rd-party compilers but don't mention any
other than GNU ARM compiler.

If you are using a compiler different from our SDK, can you tell me so I
can catalog it. If you're just trying to use other compiler, please tell
me which problems you are facing.

Flavio Ceolin

Flavio Ceolin

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