Re: nrf52840 dongle

Puzdrowski, Andrzej

I think you can start form looking at the ticket Nordic PCA10059 support without additional Seeger debugger and related PRs

As you can see what you want is actually in progress.


There is no need to modify linker script – partitions you can move using DTS overlay files – I recommend to look at zephyr developer guide for more info (and the code as well)





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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] nrf52840 dongle


Hi all,


I would like to use nrf52840 dongle for zephyr development.

I don´t have j-link cable and I wonder if I can flash the project using Nordic nrfutil.

As far as I know I need to change linker script address from 0 to 0x1000.

Can someone share how to change the linker script for nrf52840.


Best regards,

Marcio Montenegro



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