Re: [Zephyr-users] WSL builds now functional

Saurabh Pandey <saurabh_0711@...>

Good to know that we can work on WSL
On Thursday, 4 October, 2018, 2:01:30 PM IST, Cufi, Carles <carles.cufi@...> wrote:

Hi all,

You might know that if you use Windows 10, you can benefit from WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to build Zephyr. This is of course no longer necessary, since we now fully support native Windows command prompts, but it can be useful if you want to run sanitycheck (not yet ported to Windows) or other Linux-only tools.

Until now there was a bug [1] in WSL that prevented Zephyr for building on WSL. This has now been fixed in Windows 10 release 1809, so I took the opportunity to build tests/bluetooth/shell for nrf52_pca10040 on my (very slow) Windows laptop and compare times:

Linux VM: 21s
Native Windows Command Prompt: 24s
WSL: 26s

As always you are free to pick your platform (macOS works fine too) to build Zephyr.


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