assertion fail in nordic nrf5 i2c driver

Manu R

Hi all, 
I am using a lis2dh12 with a nrf52840, and am on occasion seeing an assertion. 
It happens in the i2c_nrf5_read

err=0 txd=0 rxd=0 stopped=0 errsrc=0x0
ASSERTION FAIL [data->stopped] @ <snip>/zephyr_new/drivers/i2c/i2c_nrf5.c:142:

We are based off of 5890004ea72066fb4b1e8100bb289fb5a00646a5 ( r 1.12)

Can someone shed light on whats happening? It looks like I am waiting for the EVENTS_STOPPED to hit in the isr, but seeing the data->stopped is not set, perhaps its not?
Are there any remedies? It looks like this condition should be benign, am I mistaken?


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